Have you Ever Asked the Following? (Please say, “Yes!”)

by Gwyneth Allsopp on 7 April 2012

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Have you ever stopped to ponder two really important questions:

  1. What is the goal of your business?
  2. What you does your business actually do?

Stop and think for a few minutes and jot down your thoughts…

I would like to suggest that:

  1. It is to make money (to be profitable)
  2. It is to satisfy a need that your clients/customers have

AND absolutely nothing else.

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Graham Lawrence April 10, 2012 at 08:47

Short, sharp, excellent in its way – and as far as it goes. But there is not a whisper of what it means to your life – to your mind and your heart and your values. It could be “making money” and satisfying the needs of other people, but surely the business owner could still be a psychopath or desperately unhappy. How about another two important questions to go with it, e.g. “What is the point of your life?” and “What do you do with your time?” (I realise it’s a business blog, but business and approach to life do overlap, I think.)


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