Contract Law

“I have worked alongside business for 25 years. Hundreds of times clients have brought their problems to me.  Often I have thought “if only you had talked to me sooner  things wouldn’t have got this bad.”  Often I  have sat at my desk listening with my head in my hands in despair . And if I am in despair just listening , the despair of the client can’t be imagined!”      Gwyneth Allsopp   Solicitor, The Law Practice UK Ltd

Most of the issues faced by business are contract related.  We fully understand and appreciate the tension between winning the order and putting good enough legal documents in place.

It is a fine balance between the cost and the value

Wherever we can we prepare only the legal documents you really need, we make them as concise as possible and we give you a fee quote.  And if it all goes a bit wrong we can help with the legal dispute