Legal Services for your Business

As a firm of Solicitors we also run a business.  Our knowledge is not theoretical, straight out of  a text book it is hard won, practical and pragmatic. After all if we watch our cash then we understand that you do too.

Our MD Gwyneth Allsopp specialises in business matters.  She is a very useful person to have around your Company whether sitting on the Board, advising or helping resolve any issues.  

We  advise on all business related matters such as partnership or director disputes, debts, employment issues and we can draft all the documents you need to be safe in business including a new Lease.

We are on your side

We want to help you grow and keep as much of your profit in your pocket. We are different and we have a range of unique legal products and packages to prove this.

What’s more we know some very useful people too

A message from our MD, Gwyneth Allsopp

I love business.

Who am I? My name is Gwyneth Allsopp, I am a Solicitor with over 25 years of legal, practical experience  15 years of which have included running my own businesses. I have even written a book about it. Please see the link on this site

I, and my team, can help you in many ways in your business.

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We give you good practical advice at a sensible price.